2018 Guests of Honor

We are very excited to bring you this year's guests of honor!

NIIC the Singing Dog

Musical Guest of Honor

Get ready: NIIC the Singing Dog is the ultimate party animal! Performed and operated by Kyle McCarthy, the Singing Dog is a unique musical and entertainment act from the streets of Philadelphia! In both the fandom and the local Philadelphia scene, NIIC the Singing Dog is a nationwide performer in festivals, nightlife events and conventions alike! In the musical realm, NIIC (pronounced "nice") delivers all-age songs, from electrifying dance-pop originals to rockin' covers; beyond the music, this green dog is an entertainment accessory for comedy acts, drag performances, and citywide festivals!

Whether you're a part of the fandom, or here for a rockin' weekend, NIIC is the dog you've been waiting for! For more information on The Singing Dog, check out the links below.

Paco Panda

Artist Guest of Honor

Paco is an artist from Mexico City who currently lives in Guadalajara. He is the author of the comic Art & Biro, designer of mascots for several mexican brands, and creator of hundreds of illustrations and cute drawings for the furry fandom.

He joined the furry fandom in 2008, however his fursona, a panda sprung to life by his own hand when he was only 9 years old. Creating stories and adventures about his panda all while dreaming of becoming his character. When he finally found the furry fandom he instantly knew it suited him perfectly.

In 2011 he built his own fursuit and has been performing as him ever since. This is his first time as a Guest of Honor at a furry convention and couldn't be more excited and grateful.


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Artist Alley Changes

I want to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to fill out last year’s survey. I personally went through each and every one. We will be making changes throughout the months coming up to the con to make this year even better. You’ll see when you start registering later this month that we have a new registration system that’s more mobile friendly and easier to navigate. Additionally, you may notice a new section for Artist Alley and that’s what I’m here to tell you about.

You spoke! We listened! After reading the surveys, talking with a large number of artists and dealers as well as reading hundreds of write ups on Dealers Dens and Artist Alleys throughout the world our staff have been working together to try make our artist alley better. I am happy to announce a new hybrid approach to the Megaplex Artist Alley.

A majority of Artist Alley slots will be available for booking as part of your convention registration. Time slots are half day segments. You can Pre-Purchase up to 2 slots for yourself. Once those are gone they are gone. Fear not if you can’t get a guaranteed slot. Onsite, we will still be offering, for free, half day slots which will be issued via a lottery selection model every morning.


So how do I Pre-Purchase a slot?

Easy! When filling out your registration look for a checkbox asking you if you’re interested in artist alley. By checking that it will allow you to add up to 2 half day time slots, depending on availability, at the cost of $10 per time slot.

How do I participate in onsite selection?

Be at the Artist Alley 1 hour prior to the opening of Dealers Den and sign up and stick around! Thirty minutes prior to opening the selection will be made via a lottery system and the slots for the day will be announced. You MUST be present at the time of selection.


We know this is a bit different than we have done it before but we believe this will help provide our artists and attendees with a better overall experience. We look forward to seeing everyone at Megaplex 2018! For more details visit https://megaplexcon.org/vendors

Room Block and Registration Dates Announced

Room Block: January 10th 2018 @ Noon ET
Attendee Pre-Registration: January 15th 2018 @ 12:00 AM ET
Dealer Registration: January 15th 2018 @ 12:00 AM ET

2017 Numbers

1506 Three Day Attending
210 Sponsor
96 Super Sponsor
61 Friday
289 Saturday
65 Sunday
25 Guest
2 Guests Of Honor
1 Gigasponsor
20 Dance
79 Staff
7 Directors
66 Dealers
8 Dealer's Booths
2430 total

338 Fursuits in the Photo / Mingle
162 Makeup Fursuit Parade

Care: $12394.89

We are Recruiting!!!

The Megaplex team is growing, and we'd like you to join us!