We are very excited to bring you this year's guests of honor!

JD Puppy

Guest of Honor

JD has enjoyed participating in the fandom in many ways, including as an artist, a fursuiter, a dancer, and most recently as co-founder of Fuzzy Logic Escape Room, a provider of escape room games at its home base just outside of Chicago as well as at events around the country!

When JD joined the fandom over a decade ago and attended his first con in 2005, he certainly wasn’t expecting all the exciting experiences in store for him! Finding his roots in performance in stage theater and college mascotting, JD gives his energy to entertaining convention audiences over the years, as the hyperactive, floppy-eared brown puppy, as well as the hope-to-be-popufur, Buddy. He also takes great pride in contributing toward a platform for the celebration of dance, having assisted at many competitions and showcase events.

A former long-time resident of NYC, JD calls the suburbs of Chicago home, and enjoys spending his time casually playing games and tackling the challenges of escape rooms. He took his passion for these immersive experiences to the next level when he joined with others to found Fuzzy Logic. Escape Rooms are kind of like playing a video game but in real life, where instead of following a character on screen, it’s the players themselves that are solving puzzles, unlocking treasure chests, and completing missions by working with their teammates. You can have your chance at trying out a Fuzzy Logic Escape Room by signing up for a game during the con!

JD is elated to have been selected as a Guest of Honor at Megaplex 2019!


Gamer Guest of Honor

SonicFox is a young competitive fighting game player who got his start at the age of 13. He is currently a four-time EVO champion having won in Injustice, Mortal Kombat X and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Today he competes under the sponsorship of Echo Fox.

SonicFox is well known for wearing furry attire during his competitions. This culminated in him competing and winning in fursuit in April of 2018. When asked about himself he simply responds "I'm that one furry who happens to be really good at fighting games". He started off as a Happy Tree Friends OC and eventually decided he wanted anthro art of his character which is when he realized he was a furry.