Do you use telegram? Do you want the latest information from the con? Maybe you want to find others who are attending. Join us on either our Telegram Chat or our Channel!

Megaplex Sticker Set:

News Channel:


Official SFW Chat:

SFW Chat Rules:
The rules of the Official Megaplex General PG-13 Chat

  1. No sexual talk or inference to sexual acts
  2. No nude or lewd pictures or stickers
  3. No spamming or sticker spamming
  4. Keep foul language to a minimum
  5. Listen to all admins
  6. Keep political and controversial conversations out of this chat
  7. Nothing illegal
  8. No RPing
  9. No drama
  10. No ads without admin approval. We have another chat for that.


Official Commissions Chat:

Commissions Chat Rules:
Post any openings for MP related/pickup/themed art sales and commissions here. We ask that you do not advertise general commissions or sales, these need to cater to MP attendees or themes.

REGARDING NSFW! We may get people who are under 18 here looking for commissions. PLEASE DO NOT POST NSFW IMAGERY HERE. You may post it behind a link that will NOT preview a NSFW image with a #NSFW hashtag.

Rules are simple:

  1. Keep idle chatter to a minimum. Once you have posted your ad that is it. If you are interested in an ad someone posted please ASK if you may PM them or find out how you can get into contact with them.
  2. Do not repost or bump your ad more than once every THREE HOURS.
  3. Do not flood the chat with anything. This includes ads for different things, stickers, images, or gifs.
  4. Do NOT use voice messages to communicate here. Use text or images only to post your advertisements.
  5. Respect others and their advertised prices.
  6. Do not ask for free art! This is not a place to ask for requests!
  7. Do not ask for donations! This is a place for sales advertising.
Thank you for joining!

Seeking posts are allowed but must follow the same rules as advertising posts.

You may post that you are currently working in the Artist Alley, but again, please keep these posts limited to once every 2-3 hours.


Official Room and Ride Share Chat:

Room and Ride Share Chat Rules:

  1. Do not spam the chat
  2. Exercise kindness and manners towards other
  3. It is your responsibility to talk to others to find aroom or ride
  4. Do NOT use voice messages to communicate here.
  5. This is a PG chat. No talk about drugs, sex, etc. No excessive foul language.
  6. No Drama