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Megaplex Sticker Set:

News Channel:


Official SFW Chat:

SFW Chat Rules:
The rules of the Official Megaplex General PG-13 Chat

  1. No sexual talk or inference to sexual acts
  2. No nude or lewd pictures or stickers
  3. No spamming or sticker spamming
  4. Keep foul language to a minimum
  5. Listen to all admins
  6. Keep political and controversial conversations out of this chat
  7. Nothing illegal
  8. No RPing
  9. No drama
  10. No ads without admin approval.
  11. Do not post or repost polls without admin approval.
  12. Ban evasion will not be tolerated.


Official Sales Chat:
Are you selling at Megaplex or Selling Megaplex themed Commissions or product? Are you looking to commission/buy for/at Megaplex? Check out our Sales Chat!

The Sales chat is brought to you and managed by Check their network of chats at


Official Room and Ride Share Chat:

Room and Ride Share Chat Rules:

  1. Do not spam the chat
  2. Exercise kindness and manners towards other
  3. It is your responsibility to talk to others to find aroom or ride
  4. Do NOT use voice messages to communicate here.
  5. This is a PG chat. No talk about drugs, sex, etc. No excessive foul language.
  6. No Drama
  7. Ban evasion will not be tolerated.