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Our staff and contributors are providing a wonderful array of events and activities sure to make your Megaplex experience really, really fun! Here are just some things that Megaplex will be offering this year.

Fursuit Events

Megaplex's programming for fursuiters include Fursuit Parades, the Fursuit Games, and the Fursuit Dance Competition. Panels on fursuit performance and fursuit creation and maintenance are also typically offered.

Fursuit Group Photo & Parade

The fursuit parade gets bigger every year! The parade is a perfect photo opportunity for everyone. Fursuiters: To be in the photo, be sure to arrive exactly at the scheduled time.

The parade route typically is planned to move through the Dealer's Den, and through the pre-function space and lobby.

Fursuit Dance Competition

One of Megaplex's biggest attractions, the dance competition returns yet again to charm, woo, and mesmerize the masses.

Fursuit Games

Come test your skills or cheer folks on at our very own Furry Fursuit Fun & Games! We try things out a little differently every year, so it's always a unique and interesting experience.

Late-Night Fursuit Parade

One last chance to strut your stuff, and a chance for the staff and dealers to join in the fun. This parade typically is smaller than the main parade and takes place after the official end of the convention as a last hurrah. Its traditional terminus is the Dead Dog Party in the main ballroom.

Music & Dances

Megaplex puts a big focus on bringing live music, entertainment and special performances for your enjoyment.


Past guest performers included returning guest of honor Fox Amoore, playwrights Rhubarb the Bear and Cosmik, and singer-songwriters Bucktown Tiger, Husky In Denial and Pepper Coyote.


Megaplex has dances every night, as well as fursuit-friendly dances featuring lighter and less electronic-heavy content.


Come show off your singing abilities, or lack of singing abilities, in our late-night karaoke events!

Charity Poker Tournament

Play cards with friends and help raise money for the cons selected charity! Read on for the details and rules:

  • The game is Texas Hold'em. Buy in is $20 (2000 chips) and the first fifty players will receive an exclusive Megaplex Dealer Chip!
  • Seats will be assigned randomly. If there are thirty-two players or fewer to start, we will consolidate to four tables.
  • People may buy in until the first break and players may also re-buy between hands for $10 (1000 chips) during this time; up to the original buy in chip total. So, a player with 800 chips could re-buy to 1,800, but a player at 1,200 chips can't re-buy to 2,200. Additionally, any player may, regardless of chip total, add-on for $5 (500 chips) after the first and second breaks. From the second break on it's a freezout!
  • Players not at their seat get blinded out, and their cards will be automatically mucked.
  • One chip rule: If a player places one chip in front of them without saying anything that is a call, it doesn't matter if the blinds are 5/10 and he places a 25 or a 1,000 chip in front of him, it's still a call.
  • To call if you don't have the correct change: Place a chip of the next highest denomination in front of you to make the call. In most cases, we can make change from the pot, so don't worry if you don't have the right amount of money in at the time. If blinds are say 5/10, and you put down a 25 chip, please do not take make your own change. Dealer will settle correct change at the end of the betting round. This causes confusion if a raise is made.
  • Do not string bet: When betting, betting motions are in one motion, not one chip at at time, unless player specifies the amount of the bet. All-ins are either announced or shown by pushing all chips forward at once.
  • Raising: Must be equal to the minimum big blind OR the size of the raise of the previous player. On a 5/10 blind structure, a person can raise to 20 (min raise of 10, or the big blind) next person can raise to 30 (another min raise of 10).
  • Winning hand in a showdown must show both cards upon request of player. (so if board is 9AK-4-3 and winning player shows an A, player can request other card to be shown, and other player MUST do so.)
  • On a checked board on the river: If no one bets, person left of dealer shows cards first, and moves clockwise unless a player voluntarily wants to show their hand first.
  • Any other questions? Feel free to ask any of us running the charity tournament!
  • Good luck!

Dessert Social

Come enjoy a selection of pies, cakes and ice cream, and hang out with friends as we continue the fun into the evening.

Other Events

Megaplex has dozens of exciting events every day, including a wide selection of panels and performances, as well as interactive games and game shows for attendees of all ages. As we get nearer to the convention this year, keep an eye on this page and our news as we'll be adding events once they're penciled into the schedule.

Host or DJ An Event

Much of the programming at Megaplex happens because you, our attendees, are willing to take the time to host a panel, meet-and-greet, or workshop in a subject area that interests you. The same goes for our Concerts and Dances.


Panel submissions have already closed for this year.


DJ submissions have already closed for this year.


The same incentive are available to our panel Hosts as for volunteers: For every hour of your time, you will receive $5 off the following year's registration, up to the full price of a 3 day attending registration. Simply email to request your volunter credit making sure in include your name and what panels your ran. DJs will receive 1 comped registration for this year if selected to perform.

Schedule of Events

This years current schedule can be seen at:

View the 2024 full event listing and descriptions

Year Round Events

Megaplex Holds events year round for Furries in Central Florida

Year Round Events

Megaplex Picnic 2024 - May 25, 2024

Future Conventions

Megaplex 2024 - August 30 - September 1, 2024
Megaplex 2025 - August 30 - September 1, 2025
Megaplex 2026 - August 21-23, 2026
Megaplex 2027 - August 20-22, 2027