Costuming at Megaplex

It wouldn't be a furry con without hordes of costumed characters energizing the hallways!

Having a costume is by no means a requirement to enjoy Megaplex, but you are certainly welcome to wear yours. As with many other conventions, Fursuiting (performing in a fursuit, or a homemade character costume) has become a major part of the fun and atmosphere at Megaplex.

Much of the programming we offer is fursuit-oriented, with panels on fursuit performance or fursuit creation, as well as the popular Fursuit Parade and Fursuit Games.

We have a Fursuit Lounge (a.k.a. the Headless Lounge), open to all fursuiters to take a break, cool off and chat with other costumers. The fursuit lounge has cold water, fans, towels, and more to help keep performers comfortable, and a "head tree" to cool and dry your fursuit head. The lounge will be open for the duration of the convention. Hours will be posted with the convention schedule.

We also have a professional photo studio run by for everybody who'd like to have some high quality pics of their costumes! As with the fursuit lounge, the photo suite is open all weekend long. Hours will be posted with the convention schedule.

Important Tips For Fursuiters

Fursuiting in Orlando in Summer is no sunbath. Be prepared for heat. Drink lots of water and take breaks!

The convention and the hotel take no responsibility for anything left in the fursuit lounge. Never leave any valuables in the lounge.

If you need to change in and out of your underclothes, please use a restroom or a private hotel room. Do not use the fursuit lounge - it is part of a public meeting area.

Your costume must not violate the code of conduct.

For your own well-being we recommend against going anywhere off the hotel's property in a costume that covers your face, without written permission from the property's owner.

Being in fursuit does not exempt you from any of the policies laid out in our Attendee Code of Conduct. Please be respectful to other attendees and staff while performing.

Fursuiter Etiquette (Tips for all attendees)

Interacting with fursuiters

  • Ask before touching or hugging a costume, or "scritching" (running your fingernails through the fur), as it might damage the costume.
  • Remember that the meeting space is a public area and all interactions should remain appropriate for a public setting. You agree to abide by the Code of Conduct whether you are in costume or not.
  • Avoid tackling, pouncing, or playing roughly with performers unless they say it's OK.
  • Unpleasant odors do have a way of lingering on fabrics, so be considerate if you have recently been smoking. Similarly, grease has its way of leaving its mark on fabric.
  • Make sure that your camera is ready before asking for a photo.

Sharing the hallways with costumers

  • Fursuit heads restrict vision, hearing and touch. Avoid sneaking up from behind, or crowding up against one. You don't want to accidentally get hit because you were standing in their blind spot.
  • Don't be afraid to alert costumers approaching a small step, hole or an obstacle on the floor. Better safe than sorry, and they'll appreciate the warning.
  • If a fursuiter ignores you, don't assume that you are being slighted. The person in the costume may need to find privacy due to dehydration or some other emergency.
  • It is often courteous to give fursuiters priority at elevators, and not to crowd an elevator car occupied by fursuiters.

The Fursuiter Headless Lounge

  • Please respect the privacy of costumers taking breaks. Do not come into the fursuit lounge unless you are - or are helping - a fursuiter.
  • Do not take water from the fursuit lounge if you are not a fursuiter. Water is usually provided in nearby rooms.
  • Do not take photos in the fursuit lounge! The lounge is like a sanctuary where performers can break character without an audience.

Assisting Fursuiters

  • If you see a fursuiter who appears to be sick, injured, not moving, or in trouble in any way, approach and ask if there is anything you can do to help. If there is an emergency, you should find a staff member immediately.
  • If you see anyone harassing a fursuiter (or any other attendee for that matter), find a staff member to handle the situation.

Thanks to Santa Fox for providing the original version of the fursuiter etiquette guide.