Our Apology for Yesterdays Post and our Commitment to do Better

We apologize for the rushed response we issued last night. It was insensitive, hurt the survivors, and it didn't address the concerns of our community. We downplayed the severity of the affected attendees' experiences instead of taking accountability.

We want to also apologize for the way that we failed to act on attendees' reports of harassment and warnings before the convention. We failed to live up to our promise to our attendees. You deserve better, and we will be better for each of you.

Every attendee deserves to feel safe at our event, and after reviewing the feedback we've received, we are immediately implementing the following changes:

1. Registered Sex offenders will not be permitted to attend the event. If you have concerns a registered sex offender might be attempting to attend Megaplex, please send your report to mp-report@megaplexcon.org.

2. We will be working with members of our community to develop a plan of action on how to best protect our attendees. Any and all feedback is appreciated for this process, and if you have any suggestions on how we can make the event safer for you, please write to mp-feedback@megaplexcon.org.

3. We are seeking a Survivor Advocate who will handle and address all reports of sexual harassment and assault with the kindness and dignity that survivors deserve.  If you believe this is something you are qualified for and would like to apply for the position, please contact our HR Team at mp-volunteers@megaplexcon.org.

The board of Megaplex understands this is only the start, and there is much more we need to do to heal this break of trust between us and our community. We will be publishing future information regarding attendee safety, so our community can review and provide feedback during the progress. In addition, we would like to thank the attendees who brought these matters to our attention for their honesty and their bravery.  We are listening, and appreciate our community holding us accountable. We let you down. We will do better for you.

If you have any suggestions or comments for the board, please email mp-feedback@megaplexcon.org. Your feedback is valuable to our convention's growth and improvement, and we look forward to building a better and safer convention experience for the furry community.