Megaplex is Dedicated to the Safety of our Attendees

Megaplex's goal is to run events that are a safe place for everyone who attends. We are saddened and sorry to hear that people felt harassed or worse during the weekend. This is unacceptable and no person attending the convention should be made to feel this way.

As of today, in response to concerns and feedback from our attendees, we are updating our code of conduct to make it clear that registered sex offenders are not welcome at Megaplex. We will also be reviewing our policies and procedures to see what more we can do to ensure the safety of our attendees and staff.

To ensure everyone's safety, Megaplex relies on its attendees to report misconduct by lodging an official complaint with the convention staff while in convention space or contacting hotel security and/or filing a police report when outside of convention space. After that, we can investigate and take the appropriate action.

We are committed to improving the convention and making it enjoyable and safe for all.