We read your surveys and here are some of the changes

This year we received a record number of surveys and though it took us a while we got through them. We’re overjoyed with how positive the vast majority of them were but that doesn’t mean we don’t have areas that could use some improvements. We saw a few trends emerge as we reviewed them that has helped us focus on some of the areas that would benefit the most from a little TLC.

  1. We will be expanding our Main Events space so that there will be plenty of room for our attendees during our more popular events.

  2. We have expanded the Dealers Den a little and while we are increasing the number of Booths and Tables slightly, we are also increasing the aisle widths so that more attendees can be perusing our dealer’s wares before having to limit the number of people coming in.

  3. Our Hospitality Suite… We had a record number of attendees Sponsor, Super Sponsor, Mega Sponsor and Giga Sponsor. It’s thanks to all of you that we are able to bring so many amazing things to the convention that couldn’t be done simply off of the standard registration fee. As you can imagine, and many of you experienced, the sheer number of people put an immense strain on our Hospitality budget, volunteers, equipment and space. After lots of discussion we have decided that in order to continue to provide the highest levels of service we can we will be offering two levels of the hospitality suite based on your sponsorship level.

    Sponsors will have access to our Sponsor Suite which will have light meal items and snacks such cereal, sandwich supplies, and prepackaged items.

    Supers Sponsors and above will have access to both the Sponsor Suite and our Super Sponsor+ Suite. In the Super Sponsor+ Suite we will continue our meal service.

    We hope that in moving to two levels of hospitality suites it will allow us to better serve all of our Sponsors (and above) and prevent everyone from waiting in long lines to get a bite to eat.