Orlando, FL   August 4th - 6th, 2017

Dealers Den & Artist Alley

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Featured Vendors



(Dealer's Table)
3D printed figurines, badges, and commissions

Ahro's Art

(Dealer's Table)
At con traditional sketch commissions, and digital take-home comms, prints, and charms.

Aisu Art

(Dealer's Table)
Aisu Art sells cute and slightly morbid stickers, buttons, prints, along with custom sketches and sketchpages!

Art by Marina Neira

(Dealer's Table)

Artiskim (Art of Madshy)

(Dealer's Table)
Artiskim will have plushies, prints, and other cute furry related art items! Live commissions will be offered during the con.

AunumArt Custom Creations

(Dealer's Table)
I will be selling Fursuits, Custom digital art and craft items

Blankit Art and Design

(Dealer's Table)
Cute art and accessories

Bri Mercedes Art

(Dealer's Table)
Weekend commissions!

Cabbits Co.

(Dealer's Table)
I plan to sell fur ear sets, fur tails, fur hand paws, bandanas, fantasy horns, plushies, small fursuit diy kits and other small

Cat Tail Studios

(Dealer's Table)
Cat Tail Studios will be selling partials, fursuit parts, accessories, bandanas and balaclavas. Repair services also available.

CynicalHound Creations

(Dealer's Table)
Buttons, Badges, Custom Commissions, and much more!

Dragonmun Studios

(Dealer's Table)
Original art, stories, dragons, and related merchandise.

Draw Ponies, Furries, and Creatures

(Dealer's Table)
How-to draw books (Draw Furries, Draw Ponies) as well as custom sketches and prints.

Dreamvision Creations

(Dealer's Table)
We sell resin and foam masks, fursuit parts and pieces. leds and cpu fans

Fox Amoore & Pepper Coyote

(Dealer's Table)
Music CDs and LPs and our faces


(Dealer's Booth)
Faux fur fabrics, kigurumi, fursuit supplies, and more!

FuzziMutt Creations

(Dealer's Table)
Fuzzi Plush, Props, and Art!

Golden Druid

(Dealer's Table)
Hello! Badge and sketch commissions up for grabs. Other swag in stock: Buttons, Stickers, Prints, and Ultimate Badge Lanyards.


(Dealer's Table)
HItodama carries handmade jewelry, original pins, buttons, and a coloring book!

Hyena Agenda

(Dealer's Booth)
Apparel and accessories for your inner hyena!

Ink And Claw

(Dealer's Table)
Art Supplies & More!

Isla Aukate

(Dealer's Table)

Kawaii Designs LLC

(Dealer's Table)
Custom kokeshi dolls, chibi drawings, custom fursuit accessories, digital and traditional badges, stickers, jewelry

Little Tales

(Dealer's Table)
Comics! Badges! Commissions! Gen live and in person!

Lunar Sapphire Arts studio

(Dealer's Table)
From fanart to original artwork, as well as commissions, can be found here.


(Dealer's Table)
Crystals and Gemstones and fantasy ware (cosplay, LARP)

Mary Mouse - Certified Tags

(Dealer's Table)
Ready to Wear Certified Tags and other badges, buttons, stickers, prints, trading cards and more!

Mooncat Studio

(Dealer's Table)
Selling Commissions, prints, tea, art supplies and more!

Nagami Arts

(Dealer's Table)
Art, Stickers, Buttons, Badges, Kawaii Plush and all things adorable


(Dealer's Table)
Prints, keychains, stickers, bookmarks, magnets, digital and traditional commissions

Pixel and the Wolf

(Dealer's Booth)
Pinback Buttons and Prints

Princess Rei

(Dealer's Table)
Prints, Stickers, Books, and Commissions


(Dealer's Table)
Fursuits, parts, art and more

Rick Griffin Studios

(GOH Dealer's Table)
Housepets! Comics and other prints and originals!


(Dealer's Table)
Commissions, Prints, Stickers, premade & custom Badges, & Pins!

Rysingson Accessories

(Dealer's Table)
LED lanyard and jewelry

Sirkus and TheoTheFox

(Dealer's Table)
Digital Art, Animations, Badges, Prints and Stickers

Snoot Skunk

(Dealer's Table)
Badges, Art, and Custom Apparel

Teaberry Workshop

(Dealer's Table)
Plush toys, watercolors, custom commissions of plush toys and watercolors, stickers, prints

Tempest Creations

(Dealer's Booth)
Leather goods and illustrations - from masks, bags, badges and bracelets to prints and traditional art.


(Dealer's Booth)

Tiger Brand Clothing Company

(Dealer's Table)
Fandom apparel, rave apparel, artwork, and more!

Trouble's Little Sister

(Dealer's Table)
Anime, Comics and gifts

The Artist Alley

This year Artist Alley gets its own room with more slots and a new procedure. Artist Alley will abide by Dealers Den hours of operations.

With last years high demand for Artist Alley slots we are taking a new approach to help remove long waits, provide fair access, and clear up communication.

  • All artists must sign up for the Artist Alley lottery which will be available 1 hour prior to the Opening of Artist Alley.
  • 20 minutes prior to opening a random lottery will be held to select the first group of artists
  • The artists will be rotated out 1/2 way through the day with a 10 minute Transition Period at which point new sellers will be given priority over seller that have previously had a slot.

Booking A Table

Dealer's Den booking status: FULL

To join or withdraw from the Dealer Table waiting list, create an account or log in.

NEW THIS YEAR! Dealer's tables now include (1) attendee level membership as part of the package. You will still be able to have 1 assistant, or a shared dealer at your table, however they will need to purchase a membership separately.

Artist Alley tables do not require online booking.

Dealers and Artists selling at Megaplex must abide by our Vendor Policies.

Please note that all Dealers (and Artists selling in the Artist Alley) must collect and remit sales tax per state law, and must register with the state to do so. Please see the Sales Tax section of our Dealer's Den Policy for instructions and more information.