Vendor Policies

Location of Vendor Areas

The Dealers Den and Artist Alley will each have designated locations within the main convention space. Sales are allowed only in these designated locations, and are not permitted anywhere else on hotel property, except by vendors who have purchased space in the Dealer's Den.

Security of the Dealer's Den

The Dealer's Den room will be secured when closed. Hotel and/or convention security will be patrolling the area at all times. You should never leave cash or extreme valuable goods at your table unattended, even overnight.

Sales Tax

Per Florida Law, sellers are required to collect sales tax for sales of new or used goods. The sales tax rate in Osceola County is 7.0% (6% State, 1% County).

The collection and remittance of taxes to the State is the responsibility of the individual sellers. The Florida Department of Revenue has a Guide to Sales Tax for Convention Exhibitors and you can fill out much of the required paperwork on the DOR Website.

EVERY SELLER will be required to show us that they already have a sales tax certificate, or we will be providing a sales tax packet to the seller. It is up to the seller to report and submit.

Acquisition & Use of Dealer's Den Space

Dealers should book a table in advance via our online store, when available.

When all Dealer's Den tables are booked, further applicants are placed on a waiting list in a first-come, first-served manner. Dealers do not owe any payment until a table becomes available, but the seller should be ready to pay as soon as it does, or the table will be forfeited to the next person on the waiting list.

We have a maximum limit of two people per full table behind each table.

Full tables are approximately 6' by 30".

If you have special physical needs, such as handicapped access, space for a large display, or proximity to another dealer, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to honor as many special requests as we can, however, being denied a special request is not grounds for a table refund. The earlier you tell us, the more likely we are to be able to fulfill a request.

No Dealers Den space may be shared or resold without permission from the Dealer's Den Director.

Cancellation and Abandoned Tables

Dealer Table fees are non-refundable sooner than one week before the convention. Cancelled Dealer tables will be offered to the next person on the waiting list, and cannot be transferred.

Tables that have not been claimed by 10:00AM on the Friday of the convention without prior notification to the staff will be considered abandoned and given to the next waiting applicant on the list. No refunds or credits will be given for abandoned tables.

Acquisition & Use of Artist Alley Space

Artist Alley spots are available for free through a randomized lottery held 20 minutes before the room opens. Sign-up will open 1 hour prior to room opening. Artists may be rotated out 1/2 way through the day favoring artists that have not yet had a slot. A seller may use only one space in the Alley at any given time. Spaces that appear to be abandoned after fifteen minutes may be claimed by another artist with the approval of the Artist Alley Director. Empty spaces may not be reserved for others. Artist Alley management reserves the right to set time limitations depending on table demand. Artist Alley vendors may be asked to leave the Artist alley at any time for reasons including but not limited to: Harassment of attendees or staff, trash, failure to follow Vendor Policies.

All individuals who conduct sales in artist alley are required to submit and pay sales tax to the state of Florida. Florida Sales Tax Forms are available upon request.

Electric power

Electrical outlets will not be available in the Artist Alley. If you want power, consider buying a Dealer's Table. Prior to plugging in any device in Dealers Den approval must be granted for the device by the convention electrician.

Permitted Merchandise

The only items that may be sold in the Artist Alley are goods created by the seller. A composite work is allowed if it is at least 75% the original work of the seller.

No weapons may be sold in the Dealers Den or Artist Alley.

No pirated works may be sold in the Dealers Den or Artist Alley.

Display and Behavior Guidelines

Megaplex applies with state and local laws for displaying adult material. No such material may be displayed openly, and mature art should be grouped separately (i.e. in its own binder), with explicit parts of any artwork must be discreetly covered.

The seller is responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the hands of minors. Membership badges will clearly indicate if the buyer is under age.

No more than two people may be behind a single Dealers Den table at any given time. Artist Alley spots are restricted to one person.

No loud or distracting displays are permitted.

The seller's belongings and displays must remain on the seller's designated table, or else directly underneath the table; floor stands, free-standing displays, or any objects blocking the aisle are not allowed.

Due to space constraints, loiterers may be asked to make way for customers, especially during peak times.

Sellers may not soliciting sales in the Dealer's Den outside of the seller's designated table.

The Artist Alley Director will have final say on all disputes in the Artist Alley, and the Dealers Den Director will have final say on all disputes in the Dealers Den. All rules laid out in the attendee code of conduct also apply in the Dealer's Den and Artist Alley!