Attention Dealers and Artist Alley Participants.. Florida Sales Tax Changes!

The State of Florida has changed the way they want exhibitors at trade shows to file their collected sales tax. In years past we were able to provide a form to our Dealers and AA, but they felt that people were skipping the filings. Because of this we are having to make a change. If you are not already a registered business in Florida, with a valid Sales Tax Certificate, you will need to call the Florida Department of Revenue or go online to register your Dealer or AA as a business with them. They will collect pertinent information from you, and mail you a form, with return envelope that you will have to submit after the convention. There are also options to pay electronically as well.

We will require proof of you having a Sales Tax Certificate for the State Of Florida. If you are trying to get into AA, and don’t have that paperwork, you will lose your spot for the table. Dealers... This is important to you.. You will lose the cost of the Dealer’s table if you don’t prove you have a Florida Sales Tax Certificate. We will not refund your table, since it will be lost revenue to the con.

To Register:
By Phone:
You need to contact the Florida Deptartment Of Revenue, Orlando Branch, Suite N302, 400W Robinson St Orlando, FL 32801. Their phone number is (407)648-2905. Explain that you want to create a sales tax collection for being an Exhibitor at a trade show. They will collect your personal data, and get the correct forms out to you.

Here are some hints to help you along:
First page question, Check "Are you applying for tax registration for a new business entity – not previously registered in Florida?"

Second Page Question:

YES to: Sell products or services at retail (to consumers)?
YES to: Sell products or goods from nonpermanent locations (flea markets, craft shows, etc.)?
YES to: any other entries that apply to you.......
Be Sure to click NO to all that don't apply to you.
Do The same for the next 2 pages.
At the bottom of the last page, be sure to decide: You wish to electronically file and pay taxes, fees and surcharges resulting from this registration,
if an electronic option exists. Each will have the same filing and paying contacts, banking information and method of payment.

The Next page will ask what type of business you are. If you are just an artist doing stuff in the Artist Alley or dealer's room for the weekend, and you don't already have a business or corporation formed, you just select "Sole Proprietor"

At this point the website should tell you that your are responsible to collect Sales and use tax, and will lead you on to collect your personal information to get your tax certificate filled out.

Once you fill out all the information, you will be issued a Sales Tax Certificate. Bring a copy of that to show the convention as proof of filing.

ALSO... THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS FILING FOR A BUSINESS LICENSE, nor does it mean you have to file all year long. This is a method for collecting sales tax for a single event. There is no cost to register. You only pay into the sales tax collected on all the sales you make, currently 6.5% in Orange County, FL. So if you make $1000 in sales, you will send the state $65, and only after the convention. There is no up front cost. They will however keep on you to be sure you do remit your taxes after the event is over.

As a side benefit... If you are buying certain art supplies that are used in the process of making your art (badge laminations, Paper, Glitter...) All of those can be purchased with your Sales Tax Certificate "Sales Tax Free", as you will be reselling those goods.

The state’s legal document on it all: