Update to Code of Conduct

Thanks to the input from several members of the community that reached out to identify some confusing wording in our recent update we have made one final update to this years Attendee Code of Conduct. You can find the update on our Attendee Code of Conduct page linked at the bottom of our website.

The specific update is:
Anthropomorphic hoods will be permitted at all times in con space provided no other attire generally identified as fetish gear by the public nor revealing, or suggestive clothing is worn. Unitards or other full body clothing may be worn only if genitalia or their outline cannot be seen through the outfit. Collars may be worn at all times but at no time may a leash or other lead be attached nor may someone lead or pull you by said collar. Upper body Harness may be worn without the accompaniment of other fetish gear. At no time may undergarments be worn in such a way that they are fully or partially visible to the public or able to be seen through clothing. Shirts and pants/shorts must be worn at all times in con space with the exception of attire that cover these areas. We ask that at all times, outside of con-space, people use their better judgement in what they wear. After 10 PM there will be a little more relaxed enforcement but please continue to use your better judgement.

Convention Staff or hotel security reserves the right to ask any attendee to remove an accessory or article of clothing that is deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive to an event or function, or to the convention as a whole, such as (but not limited to) articles of clothing that the general public may find inappropriate or display excessive profanity or symbols/messages of hate. This includes any and all armbands.