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REVIEW: Megaplex 16: Wrath of Con (2017)

About Me:
- I'm from New York state, so myself and my local friend who roomed with me travelled a long way by plane. (She went to Megaplex for the first time in 2016 and loved it.)
- I've helped staff small to large scale conventions local to me in the past.
- I've worked in large scale entertainment establishments.
- This was my first furry con, and first time staying at this resort.
- I have a partial fursuit.

The Good:
- Air conditioning cranked to max in certain con spaces, helping with the heat situation (especially in suit).
- Having water, shop towels, a fursuit head tree, fans, and extra long straws available in the headless lounge.
- Large size dealers den, with first come, first serve spaces in the Artist Alley so any artist could sell if they wanted.
- Dances had great atmosphere and music. Sound quality was also excellent.
- Resort had lots to do (2 salt water pools, mini golf, table tennis, foosball, lawn checkers, etc) in between panels.
- All the guests and staff were super friendly and welcoming.
- Had an issue with a Megaplex souvenir that I purchased, and it was handled quickly and efficiently.

The Bad:
- The indoor/outdoor space of the con was not conducive to fursuiting, especially in 100 degree Florida heat and unpredictable Florida rain. Because my partial fursuit had a lot of hot glue elements (a common adhesive used in fursuit making), some of the hot glue melted in the heat as I was going in between convention spaces. I had to repair my suit quite a bit as a result. It got so bad that I had to stop suiting with her during the convention so I didn't risk permanently damaging her. Suiting time in total: ~4 hours throughout Thursday - Sunday.
- Issues with the hotel & resort: my friend got two holds placed on her card for the room and had to go ask to have that corrected twice (it did get corrected the second time), The Marketplace (the "quick" deli/coffee shop in the resort) took 45 minutes to make a simple sandwich and only served me my sandwich after I audibly complained.
- Whenever there was a long line in the convention space, there were no staff around to do line control. Had to go get and ask a staff member each time to control the lines to help reduce line cuts and confusion for certain events.
- My badge had ugly black boxes around it because I submitted a transparent PNG that I was not aware would cause that issue when my badge was printed. (Maybe make that apparent in the submitting instructions that transparent PNGs may not print correctly?)
- Not very many events, making for a lot of dead time. (I mostly just walked around, shopped, and napped as a result, which is not too horrible.)
- Water provided in the headless lounge wasn't always cold because the water coolers were not always plugged in.
- The water was unfiltered and tasted/smelled like swamp. (I know this is a common problem at Florida resorts because Florida tap water is naturally a little funky, but maybe having more filtered water on hand would be a good idea for next year.)

My Critique:
I know the con had some hiccups because of the resort being under construction, but I sincerely hope, especially for the fursuiters, that the convention is entirely housed indoors next year to help reduce fursuit damage and health risk to the fursuiters and convention goers alike based on heat, humidity, and the unpredictable nature of Florida rain. I did have a good time, and I hope Megaplex continues to learn from its mistakes and grows, as it could become one of the larger cons if they continue to improve.

I can not guarantee that I will come back next year based on my travel expenses and time, but I hope next year will be even better.

(P.S. Congratulations on raising over $12,000 for CARE! That's a huge achievement!)

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