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Boo on you Megaplex.

I am not gonna pad or sugar coat this in the least, because really, I'm angry. I'm upset. I'm not going to blame things that are the hotels fault on you. But if this hotel does this stuff, you shouldn't host at them next year.

1. no one is ever at any of the hotel desks, giving you a 10-20 minute wait just to get service,
2. valet, that people PAY for, takes longer than actually walking to your car, which is probably parked off property because the hotel didn't have enough parking, by AN EMPLOYEE THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK FOR THIS HOTEL, AND GETS LOST BECAUSE THE HOTEL IS UNDERSTAFFED.
3. getting a suite because out of the 10 rooms of the type I chose, NONE of them were prepared.
4. staff using a leaf blower in the hotel halls at 2 am? because I don't sleep apparently.

It took me what was normally an hour (which is including possible complications) to check in a 3 HOUR PROCESS. I had to wait 45 minutes just for valet to bring me my car. The hotel was ill prepared, overfilled, and apathetic. Which brings me to my next point, which is totally on you; why THE HELL did you think this hotel was good in the first place?! I'm a native born floridian, I'm used to suiting, and I got in maybe 2 hours of suiting,

1. because there are three different buildings? with a vast space between them? I nearly overheated just going from headless lounge B to headless lounge A.
3. the halls and walkways are so small! I couldn't pass anyone walking through, and would have to stand 5 minutes or so to let a group pass.
4. you have three (3) buildings, 1 is the main lobby of the hotel, the biggest space in the entire convention center, which is easiest for fursuiters to walk through without issues for the most part, 2, a small squished in tower, with two floors, almost no room to walk, and elevators always stuffed, and 3, a big, open space, that has some halls, but is still wide enough for everyone to walk around in. Where do you put headless lounges? There should be one in every building, but even if you were to keep it to two, you should have had them in the places fursuiters were most likely to be.
5. The water in the headless lounge was warm. and not like 'not cool' warm, like pushing hot.

to sum this up, the hotel isn't suiter friendly. At all. And lastly, what were you people doing? With the panels? God, I expected most panels to be filler and stuff, that's fine, but you were actively moving them around DURING the con. Yeah, I love that I had to impromptu rush out of the pool party because you moved pucks panel to 10, and that because of the rain, in florida, where it rains almost daily, wasn't prepared for, you cancelled the fursuit parade, and moved it to the next day. Great job.

I could go on, but I'll just finish with this; if you stay at this hotel next year, I am NEVER coming back to Megaplex. EVER. If you change hotels, and these illogical decisions and moving panels and events around during the con happens next year, I am NEVER coming back. You guys were good, you guys were getting so good, but this? This put my own health at risk. And with what I had to put out to accommodate for the hotels errors, and your errors, I could pay to just drive to FWA. You dropped the ball this year.

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