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Few Things

Hey. I was at this years con and the water smelled and tasted disgusting. The water was also warm in the headless lounges. Can we have purified water please? That was really nasty. Also, the layout was rough, but I know that wasn't your guys' fault. Do you think we could get a map out before pre-reg closes? I didn't really get to suit much other than doing auditions and dance this year due to heat so it was a bit disappointing. There also wasn't much we could do during Friday and Sunday. Maybe some fun small events those days? I spent most of Friday in the headless lounge fixing suits for people and Sunday we left early due to heat exhaustion, but there just wasn't that much to do between getting there, floor wars, and pawpets. Maybe put up an idea board for some fun events that people who go to Megaplex can suggest things on. Just some ideas. I did enjoy Saturday though and I had the most epic birthday ever. Thank you all for being so nice and for all the birthday wishes. <3

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