Orlando, FL   August 4th - 6th, 2017

Letter from the Chairman on Scammers

Hello everyone,
I want to address a recent issue that has popped up that all attendees need to be aware of. The good news is Megaplex is growing. The unfortunate news is that because of our growth we are becoming a target for hotel room Scammers and Poachers. Several people have contacted us about being called, messaged, or emailed regarding cheaper rooms or being able to get you into our main hotel. While a few of these companies may be legitimate most are not. The hotel has informed us that in the past people who used these third parties arrive to find they do not have a hotel room or that the room is at a much higher rate or has additional fees. To help avoid this we are asking for your help.

  1. If you or someone you know has booked through a third party at our hotels, both reputable or not, please have the room holder contact us at mp-hotel@megaplexcon.org with the hotel confirmation number and the name on the booking so we can make sure your room is secure and so that we can make sure the hotel knows you are with our group. Not only do we use the numbers for planning but we also have special agreements with the hotel that improve our attendees experience.
  2. If you booked through the hotel but outside of the room block we ask that you email us the confirmation number and name on the room to mp-hotel@megaplexcon.org.
  3. If you are contacted by someone trying to sell you a room for our convention please try to get as much detail as possible and let us know either by messaging us on social media or emailing us at mp-hotel@megaplexcon.org. Screenshots are appreciated.
  4. Please DO NOT provide contact information of your friends to third party companies in respects to Megaplex especially without your friend’s permission.

We are working hard to bring you yet another great year and can’t wait to see you all at Megaplex 2017.