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Furry Wedding

Hey guys, so I'm having trouble finding information on this topic. How would one schedule a "Furry Wedding" and could it be done here at Megaplex. If we have to rent con space how much would it cost... can con space even be rented? Would it have to be scheduled down as an event? Can I bring cake to the con? I'm curious. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Well I sadly have no clue about any of that.. I hope you get the information needed soon :) Kind of new to this con in general, but I'm guessing there is a way to contact the people running this convention.

Anyways, hope it all goes well and hope the wedding goes great :3

Edit: I just checked to see if there was contact information for the staff since it would probably be better answered with them. Not sure if it'll be helpful or anything but if you go under the "ABout Us" tab on the left and scroll down, near the bottom you will find the staff information and contacts. If you don't get an answer here it would be worth a shot :P

well thank you so much <3 ill try contacting them today :)

You're very welcome ^_^!! Hope you can get through to them :)

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