Orlando, FL   August 4th - 6th, 2017

General Update

Greetings all!

We hope that this new year is finding everyone well.  Megaplex has been receiving lots of questions related to Dealers Den, convention space, and rooms. We want to keep all of our attendees and guests up to date on our new hotel, and the importance of making your hotel reservation early.

The new building is still slated to be completed before Megaplex 2017 begins.  Things are going smoothly with the construction, but some details have made parts of our planning process occur later than normal.  This has included the design and layout of the Dealers Den.  But not to worry!  The Dealers Den registration will be opening 12:00 AM ET February 1st, 2017. This year we have tables and Larger “Booth” areas.

There is one other major item to let everyone know about.   Demand for hotel rooms has been much higher than anticipated.   We have already exceeded last year's total room reservations!  While this would normally not be a problem for a resort of this size, there are others planning vacations and such at the same time as Megaplex.  The result is that the hotel is filling fast!  So please do not delay.  We are expanding the room block as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the hotel will have available rooms as the year progresses.  As hard as this is to believe...the hotel has indicated that they will reach a SELLOUT status before spring!  So please, if you are planning to attend Megaplex at our new resort venue, please reserve your room as soon as you can.

Thanks all.  We have much more information to come about Megaplex - Mega Quest, the Wrath of Con.  Stay tuned!

Megaplex Board of Directors


I have a question concerning the shuttle service between the airport, MCO, Orlando International Airport and the hotel. Have you heard anything new about this? Thank you.