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Room Share


I will again be attending Megaplex this year. I most likely will be lodging at the location of the Con. I roomed last year with someone and it worked fine. This year I attend to arrive early morning Friday August 4th and leave early morning Monday August 7th. I don't intend to check in until after the events of the first day are done. This is the cheapest and most effective way to enjoy the con, in my opinion. If anyone is interested in sharing a room, and splitting the cost, with me let me know. The only requirement I ask is the interested party is over 18. I generally keep to myself and am fairly secluded and quiet. I only request that if the other person interested wants to party, they do so in another room. If anyone is interested reply here or send me a email at

Still looking...You can contact me on here or email or telegram. My email is my Telegram is also pentrep. I am anticipating the room to be around $327 plus tax and would just be looking for one roomate to split it with.

Still looking lemme know if anyone is interested in sharing a room at the convention hotel!


Still looking for someone!

Would but need room for 3

Still looking