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Monday morning ride to GreyHound Station needed - Will pay with badge of your fursona

Gotta try one last time -

I am trying to avoid another 50$ cab fare. I'll make a badge of your fursona (or give you some cash) if you can get me and my stuff to the Orlando GreyHound station Monday morning. I'd need to leave the hotel between 10am and 11am. I do have three big tubs of stuff, plus myself and a couple of carry ons. If anyone with a larger car, van, SUV, truck, etc can give me a lift to the GreyHound station, please look for me in the Embassy's lobby Monday morning after 9:00am. I look like, well... like BushyCat. Female, long brown hair, glasses and with a tower of three huge cases (blue). Will also be wearing a black cat shirt and black jeans.

Hope someone sees this who can help.

Thanks - was a fun con!
Avriq IndiaI am looking to learn more about this issue. Thank you for sharing. I will follow this site regularly