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Just a suggestion

1.this year the floorwar standby sign up was up a little too high for short fursuiters being unable to see very well, maybe have the Rules posted on the website itself because I searched for weeks and even during the con for the rules, they were not made apparent and I found out after the fact that they were Under the sign up sheet but there was nothing anywhere to make that apparent, therefore causing some problems, but I think posting the rules online may keep things more organized and would cause less issues

2. The judge or speaker that I had spoken with was rather rude towards me when I had gone to say my name had been mispronounced, I did not question why I lost I was only saying my name was mispronounced and I was given a snarky attitude and was informed on why I lost then told I should look into Rules but it's kinda hard to when you can't find them so that had caused a bit of an upset

3. The elevators were super crowded, people complained about fursuiters having to be first when in reality most fursuiters waited 30 or more minutes just for an elevator while over heating (I would know)

4. Massive crowding caused seperations between my handler and group many times, everything was so tightly packed that it was harder for fursuiters to move around and there were so many hazards for fursuiters, I myself ran into a counter due to crowding

Over all the con was really good but there are some major issues that beed to be fixed for next year

Thank you for your feedback! We greatly appreciate you telling us your concerns, and we'll definitely look into things to make it easier for the next year! If you haven't done so already feel free to take our survey on your experience with this year's Megaplex, which you can find under the About Us tab. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you next year!! :)