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A little Creative Criticism

Megaplex was my first con when I was a new fur in the early 2000's and even though I haven't been back in over 10 years, it still holds a warm place in my heart. There are some criticisms that I will give to you, take them as you will.

First, I am staff for one of the top three conventions in the nation, I know what stress and bullshit staff deals with to keep the con afloat. However, there were some oversights that need addressing.

1. Security needs to be posted by the elevators. The traffic in that area is an utter mess and when your security head (Wolfpac) is with eyesight of the elevators, blocking the traffic flow himself, and I have to tell people to get out of my way, your staff is not doing their job. I was told you didn't have enough staff and that is not good, but that is not your customers problem, fix it. There is no excuse for a giant clusterfuck by the elevators, especially with staff standing within eyesight.

2. Whomever decided it was a bright idea to run the fursuit parade by the elevators, blocking patrons from getting to their rooms, is a moron. Also, running the suitors outside in 97 degrees, not the brightest of ideas.

3. Your dealers den was a chaotic mess. Traffic flow was consistently congested and the guy, who should have been keeping control of the area, was playing Pokémon, again, not doing their job.

4. While I enjoyed the hotels amenities, it's convention space is ill suited for the amount of people here. Everything felt cramped and congested.

While I understand that this is a temporary hotel, you as staff have had adequate time to prepare and find solutions to problems before they become issues. I feel that someone on your staff is asleep at the wheel.

With all that being said, I am happy to see your con has grown and ditched that silly "g-rated" feel that it used to have back in the day. The con feels more grown up, but it has more growing to do if it ever will pull in big numbers like FC, FWA, MFF, or AC.