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Super Smash Bros Tournament Concern


So I'm excited to participate in the Super Smash Brothers Tournament this year, and if my understanding is correct it will be Project M again. My only concern is will the lag from last year's set-up be accounted for?

Some background info: A Wii's native resolution is 480p, and most modern TV's are 720p or 1080p. When hooked up to an HDTV, The Wii is forced to upconvert the signal, which creates lag in-game. The lag may not be noticeable to some, but to those who play the game regularly it is extremely noticeable and can greatly impact the way the game is played. It's the reason why all Smash Bros gaming tournaments (excluding Smash for WiiU) use CRT televisions or lag-less gaming monitors for playing.

I have experience running Smash Bros tournaments for Project M specifically, and I would like to help with fixing this to make the experience better for everyone, if possible. Is there anyone I can speak with directly about this matter? Potentially the one(s) responsible for running the tournament?



Hey Rainy,

Do you have any way to contact you? Kawanii is the staff member in charge with the tournament. I'm sure that he'd appreciate your help. You can also volunteer your time in helping, which would go toward your registration for next year.


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