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Free Breakfast in exchange for thursday ride

Hello - I'm a dealer coming down from New York by bus. I'm looking for a ride from the GreyHound station for me and my boxes of furry art Thursday morning. My bus is due in around 9am. I would rather buy breakfast for a fellow fur than pay however many $$$ for a cab ride to the hotel. If anyone has a van, truck or decent sized car and is willing to pick me up Thursday morning, please reply here or email me at I'll also be looking for a return trip to the bus station Monday morning around 11am. The station is the one in Orlando, as it was the one with better arrival times. (all GH schedules into Kissimee involved a 2-3 hour layover in Orlando)


Want a free breakfast on Thursday? I'll buy - I Just need a ride from the GreyHound station in Orlando to the convention hotel. >^;;^< I have three large bins or dealer room stock. If you have a larger vehicle or pickup, that's a help. My bus gets in around 9am Thursday, station is at 555 N. John Young parkway in Orlando. It's about 20 minutes from the hotel. If you're able to help, please email me before 10pm Tuesday. (I'll be on the road after that and will not have online access) Thanks in advance - see everyone at the show!

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