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I have a room in the main hotel aug 4 to aug 8 with 5 spaces.

I was able to snag a room in the main hotel from august 4th to august 8th. I am looking for roommates to stay with and help cut costs. I am looking for mainly other women to stay with but since there are 2 bedrooms guys are welcome to stay as well as long as everyone respects each others boundaries and privacy. i welcome people of all ages but i would prefer if everyone was over the age of 18. A little about myself. I am a 24 year old women who works the night shift. SO i am a bit of a night owl. I do not smoke and i dont drink all that much. I like to believe myself to be friendly and easy to get along with as long as you are not obnoxious. as for suits and the like, i do not care if they are in the room but they are your responsibility.

if you are interested in the room please comment here, send me a note on FA , or email me at

I will add comments as to the number of spaces left in the room as i get people joining in the room.

Just filled one spot. 4 spaces left

Just emailed you as well. Looking for all 4 nights. Non-partier, non-drinker. Need a quiet room to work and sleep in. Respectful of other people and their belongings, low-drama cat. In love with soap.

I have 1 person pending, 1 person im waiting to hear from, and 1 person confirmed. This means that there is 1 possibly 2 spaces open if people dont mind sharing a bed. I have decided to stop accepting people as roommates the week before the con.

I have 2 people confirmed for the room. We are trying to get a least a 4th person to make costs under 150. We do have a possible person should their plans change. Everyone will be on the reservation to get all of the hotel benefits. Please let me know if you are interested.

Call me redundant for posting as well as emailing (= Consider me a definite for your room.

Cheers! BushyCat

to make sure everyone has time to get money together for the room i will be closing the room opening at the end of the week. Please let me know if you are still interested in the last spot i might need for the room.

is there still spacwe available? im interested and will most likely be there thursday thru monday text me info if stil available plz 813 579 0572

I'm curious on the shares cost me and my friend are in need of a room

It would be under 150 im not entirely sure the exacts at the moment but with 4 people its under 150. We do currently have 3 people in the room and you and your friend would have to share a bed. We are not going to take anymore than 5 people and everyone needs to be over 18.

We filled the room.