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Looking for some furs who wouldn't mind a mew roomy ouo

So a lot has changed from my last post so I decided it would be grounds for a new post. I am now the only one in my now non existent group who is looking for some furs with a hotel room who are willing to let me bunk with em. I will gladly pay my share of the cost at the con being at the moment I am unemployed but will be getting a job here in the next week to cover the cost. Just to put out there ahead of time I am 17 so therefore a minor and as long as no one would mind that and speaking with my folks so that way they have some peace of mind while I am there please message me on Skype : ShinyMoo or note me on FA: mewlover187 (PS. Preferably looking for a main hotel room share but if I cannot find one I will settle for anything so I am able to go to the con again this year, and a ride to the con would definitely be helpful with my only car being very old and I do not want to take the risk of it breaking down on the way.)