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Looking for a main hotel room for 3 peeps!

So me and some buds have been saving up to book the main hotel for this years Megaplex, but the issue is we didn't expect the hotel to fill in about two months after the hotel block opened up. So what we are looking for is someone who has already booked a room and is looking for roommates, we will discuss share and our portion of the payment after being contacted about rooming. We do not know exactly how many people are coming with us but we know for sure we will have at least 3 people with us, and we will know the exact amount in the next few days. We are really looking for people who combined two rooms so that way if we do have a good chunk with us there will be room, but its not needed. Please contact me and we can discuss further through my fa mewlover187 skype, steam, kik, etc.

Update: Someone had to drop out so now we are only looking for 3 roomshares please contact me if possible!