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Looking for someone to share a room with!

I reaaaaally want into the main con hotel this year, and I heard that it's almost fully booked! Is anyone still looking for roommates? At Megaplex 2014, I was barely in the room at all, and only came back (quietly) at 2 AM after the dances to crash fast asleep. In 2014 I roomed with the security guy Puck, and a couple others whom unfortunately I can't remember, but if you want someone like me for a roomie, let me know ASAP! I'm also on FurAffinity under the handle Souper and SoFurry under the handle ze_ev.


Hey, I've got bed space at the main hotel available Thursday to Monday, asking $150 for the weekend. Telegram is @Keeyakanze or you can email me at if you're interested :)