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Question regarding doing a Concert event at Megaplex 2016

Hello. I'm RogerDelmar. I'm a MMD-user/Vocaloid-user. I wanted to ask if it would be possible if I could do a Vocaloid Concert at Megaplex 2016. I have official permission from Crypton Future Media. My friend, Michael, who I'm collaborating with wants to contact Megaplex about doing the event for Megaplex 2016. What email could I give to him to contact for Megaplex 2016? Thank You.

When it comes time, you can submit a panel request to do this event at the Con. Most likely this won't happen until Reg is opened.

Hi Roger, I'm Cosmik, director of Programming. Panel/Event submissions will open on (or around) the first of the year. When that happens, just fill out a panel/event form. We'll review everything over the spring and contact you if we have any questions. :)

The full schedule should be set around the first of June. :D

I'm sorry...but I decided to cancel the Vocaloid Concert at Megaplex 2016 due to problems. I've went though too much. I'm not going to say names(I might have said his name already on the topic) but the guy I was going to collaborate with got arrested for sharing child porn. I've blocked him last night. I might(maybe) be doing the concert in Megaplex 2017. I'm still going to Megaplex 2016 just to have fun with friends.