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We were not able to pre register because of an issue that arose but we just recently found out and are very excited to know that we can attend the con. Since we couldn't get tickets, I was wondering what we can do to get tickets at the con and what you would need because we won't be there until late Friday. A friend is going up early so could he possibly purchase the tickets for us ahead of time or what is the process? Thank you.

Hey there! To answer your questions, registration closes at 8pm tonight. However, if you can't make it before 8pm, there will be dance passes available for $10 (cash only) so you can access the events on friday night. You can then go and upgrade your pass to an attending badge on Saturday morning at 9am :3 hope this helps!

anything i should know , anyone?

Just come and expect to have fun! and don't forget your bathing suit! ^^

Will be good to see you again! Haven't seen you in person since AC 2014, I hope you enjoy yourself.

I haven't heard anyone spell it out, but a lot of comments I've read imply that this con takes place in 2017, and not 2016. Can somebody please clear up this confusion?

Hi Pondy!

Megaplex will take place in 2016, specifically the weekend of August 5th through the 7th. We will also have Megaplex next year, with tentative dates and information to be revealed during the closing ceremonies this year. :)

Hope this helps!

We have received a lot of updates for attending to write questions. Then we will make better stories with the list of research topics. That all you can use to follow and update the instructions in online.