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Art show?

Im curious if there will be an art show this year or not? I was a bit disappointed by the lack of a art show last year. More so with one guest of honor being a well known artist and having no where except her tiny dealers room table to display her current work.

p.s. Also please expand the con store to include posters of the con art work. I loved the giant chocolate bar wall art and was surprised to find I could not buy myself a copy to take home. Just my two cents as I feel posters might be a neat way for the con to get a few extra dollars.

Hi Liyoht!

In regards to an Art Show, there hasn't really ever been any interest shown from the attendees about having one. Since we're still such a small con compared to others that do have art shows, we really don't have the space for it XD
However, if more interest is garnered for an Art Show, we may just be able to have one in the coming years!

In regards to the con store, we really don't have much of one. Our registration desk sells the T-shirts we have, and whatever artwork we have on the walls becomes available at the end of the con to purchase for donation to the CARE Foundation, or local charity.
However, if you're interested in any of the older artwork we have had in the past, check out the Megaplex Archives ( or click on the Feather in the top right corner of the website). Most of the older artwork, minus a few for special reasons (oversized, special anniversary, etc.) is available there to download right off of the website.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy what Megaplex has this year to offer. I know there's a lot of artwork in the pipelines, so hopefully we can make this year exceptional for you :)

When I as at the con last year I noticed there where conf rooms unused perhaps one of those could be used for the art show space. Perhaps as a starter art show boards could be lined up against the wall in the main ball room for those wishing to display their talent. As this giant room is directly across from the con store it would seem very easy to handle security wise. If money is a problem charge a small fee for art posting space to cover the room cost.

We have alot of Florida artists in our numbers its my understanding. Lets offer them space and see how it grows. Just my two cents but judging by how the few artist alley tables where never empty Im thinking it would not be hard to find artists eager to display their master works.

The biggest obstacle to getting an art show together is the staffing. It takes an experienced curator to assemble and run an art show, and we don't currently have anyone on staff with the time and experience and (mostly) willingness to take this on.

If you'd like to join our staff and run an art show next year, find me at the con and I'll be happy to talk to you about what we need and how to apply to join our staff. :)

Hey can you toss me an email on the needs for such a project so we can see about getting the ball rolling and tossing ideas around? As yes I feel strongly that this is something the con needs to happen. More so with having goh artists and them having nowhere proper to display their works. As just one idea off the top of my head and it could simply be a display sort of show without any sales as a way to sort of test the waters so to speak and see what sort of demands arise. Start simple and build upon that is my moto lol