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Any dealers want to share a table?

Hey folks!

I'm starknights and I had wanted to buy a dealers table this year around for Megaplex but they sold out like hotcakes.

So I wanted to know if there is any dealers out there that wants to share a table and when? (even if it's for a day)

Ideally, I would only be selling books and maybe a few prints of art nothing big, so I won't take much space.
If you are interested in sharing with me, contact me by sending me an email or a note on FA (search for starknights)
and we can workout the details/splitting cost of table.


(Side Note: According to the vendor policies, sharing isn't allowed unless permission is granted from the Dealer's Den Director.
So I will be sending a message to that person and asking permission. Depending on the answer I will take the post down or green light it.)

(update: I got permission, keeping this post up if anyone is interested.)

(Updated: It turns out I was able to get a table myself and found someone to split the table with. Thank you)

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