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What are your favorite Megaplex experiences?

I find the best conventions tend to leave you pretty exhausted, both physically and emotionally. If I'm lucky, the convention isn't too much of a blur afterward for me to recall some of the crazy things that happen. :)

This was a really amazing moment this year that's still fresh in my mind: Sunday night was the first chance I got to relax in the pool. After spending some time swimming with Kittrel we decided to check out the hot tub. We ended up sitting with a bunch of really awesome furs from Europe, just minutes before Rhubarb the Bear showed up carrying his guitar and a battery amp and started a private impromptu rock show just for us hot tub dwellers. Fox Amoore couldn't resist, and retrieved his Melodica in minutes. The only thing that can top a private jam with Fox Amoore and Rhubarb is a private jam with Fox Amoore and Rhubarb in a freaking hot tub with fun and amazing people. XD It was a really special, private experience to have suddenly backed into like that, the kind of serendipity that tends to happen more often at smaller cons.

What about everyone else? Best experiences from this (or a previous) Megaplex? Any really exciting, crazy or just downright silly moments?