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Dealer Registration has not yet opened.

The Artist Alley

This year Artist Alley will be taking a new Hybrid approach. A majority of the Artist Alley slots will be available for advance booking as part of your convention registration. These time slots are broken up into half day segments. You can pre-purchase up to 2 slots for yourself. Onsite, we will still be offering half day slots for free which will be issued via a lottery selection model every morning.

How will Artist Alley work?

Booking A Table

Dealers registration has not yet opened but will be available for sale through our registration system.

Dealers tables are sold at a price of $150 and dealers booths are sold at a price of $250. Dealer's slots now include (1) attendee level membership as part of the package. You will still be able to have 1 assistant, or a shared dealer at your table, however they will need to purchase a membership separately. Dealers Tables are roughly an 80"x 80" slot and include 1 table while Booths are roughly 12 ft x 10 ft and can include up to 2 tables.

Some Artist Alley slots can be reserved at the time of Pre-Registration. All others will require signup as listed in the Artist Alley section of this page.

Dealers and Artists selling at Megaplex must abide by our Vendor Policies.

Please note that all Dealers (and Artists selling in the Artist Alley) must collect and remit sales tax per state law, and must register with the state to do so. Please see the Sales Tax section of our Dealer's Den Policy for instructions and more information.