Orlando, FL   August 4th - 6th, 2017

Guests of Honor

We are very excited to bring you this year's guests of honor!


Guest of Honor

Kodi began his furry-adventures in 2000 after attending Midwest FurFest in Arlington Heights, IL. It was a love that would last a long time, taking his love for performing into working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Vancouver, BC and eventually helping to start Helping Pawz, a volunteer performing group, in 2003.

Of course, Kodi also began making fursuits not too long after entering the furry world and officially launched Kodimade in 2006. To date, Kodimade has had the honor of building over 150 fursuit for performers all around the world.

When Kodi isn't building fursuits or romping around performing, he's probably on an airplane - working in software product marketing, as his main career. Having also lived in a number of different cities (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle), Kodi continues to travel all over the world, visiting every continent and over twenty different countries!

Kodi's originally from Canada (Ottawa and Vancouver), and currently lives in Chicagoland where he continues to build fursuits, play lots of hockey for the Chicago Redliners, and volunteers his time working with Midwest Furfest.

Rick Griffin

Guest of Honor

Rick Griffin is the artist and author of the award winning Housepets! comic series, along with other titles such as A&H Club, Argo, Ten Thousand Miles Up, and more. He's been creating stories since childhood, with a future focus leaning toward graphic and traditional novels. When not going stark raving mad trying to translate ideas from head to paper, Rick can be found relaxing by repeatedly losing in competitive games and watching terrible movies on the internet.