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Need room

Had a room but the person who had the reservation bailed out and canclled so now i need a room for 3 people (me my mate and a friend) figuring 544 split amingst 4-5 people maybe?

Are you still needing a room?

Yes i do i.emailed you about a room share

Hello Yukon, My name is Shadow. I just wanted to say hi and to also make sure you found a room for Megaplex2017? This will be my second con and my mates first furry convention! I absolutely cant wait to see the friends that I met at MP2015 (cops and robbers). Also hoping to meet a ton of new friends as well. So my cell number is 850-582-2138 drop me a text if you feel like (its the easiest way to get a hold of me cause I cant stand email but my email is also probably wont respond real quick though lol) maybe we all can meet up and hang out. I look forward to hearing from you! =^_^=

Shadow i attended cops and robbers that was my 1 fur con my facebook is if you want to messenger