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First time going to a con

Hay guys so this year i will be 18 and finally able to go, i have already got my ticket but i was hoping for some general advice. i'm going alone and i dont really know what to expect, im very nervous and i have anxiety when it comes to meeting new people. i got the multi day ticket but i wont be staying at the hotel as i live not too far away, also what time does the con usually start and when does it end? i was also hoping to maybe have someone to look around the con with so i'm not just by myself the whole time.

Well, I turn 18 on the day of the con so I will finally be able to go as well :) It would also be my first time going if i can actually go. I sadly don't have too much along the lines of advice given the fact I have never actually attended a furry con before. I however wouldn't mind walking around with you a bit If I am able to attend it though I do plan to partially suit on a few of the days. The con starts on August 4th and ends on the 6th if I recall, the dates are online however as far as the actual time of day that I don't know. Anyways I sadly don't have much on the means of contact right now considering I currently don't have my phone but if you would like my email I could give it to you so we don't spam forums lol, just ask if you want it.

-Furrance the wolf

Sure! I really could use the company, im going to be so stressed if im alone the whole time.

Alright, sure thing ! :D

My email is (if you have a gmail as well I could also use google hangouts.)

Well hopefully I'm able to go and give you some company on one of the days

I actually do have gmail, it dont question it its an old email..

Edit: stupid laptop accidentally posted the same message twice so.. ignore this ~

-Furrance the wolf

One good place to start is to search Your First Furry Convention on YouTube. Most conventions have a panel by that title early on the first day, usually right after the opening ceremonies. I did not readily find any such videos recorded at Megaplex, but many of the broader principles in the other cons’ videos will still apply here.

Events at a furry con usually start around 9 or 10 a.m. and continue past midnight. Hope your first con experience is a positive one!

Well hello Leo! This will be my third year of megaplex and my first year being on staff.

My first fur con was megaplex and was right after I turned 19. Before the convention I only knew three people and they were the ones I was rooming with. None of these people I had ever met before in real life, kind of a mistake but it all turned out well! As you live close to the con this will not be a problem! But before you go try to interact in the Megaplex Telegram chat. This way you can learn about people, learn some names and faces, and maybe make a friend or two! That is my biggest piece of advice.

But I have some other tips and tricks! Make sure to go to the 'so this is your first furry convention' and 'Breaking the ice' (or what ever it gets named.) The second panel listed is a way to not be a awkward person and how to meet people! From there just explore the place and try things out! Spend some time in the board game room, go to some panels, and make sure to go to the dance comp!

Those who come to read your article will find lots of helpful and informative tips.
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