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UPDATE Anyone need one more person?

Does anyone need one more roomie? I have a sleeping bag a few pillows and a blanket. I will be kind enough to split the room costs with you. I don't mind with parties. I will be so happy to sleep over at Megaplex 2017. Just give me a comment if you are willing to let me into your room for share. I prefer main hotel.

I have a room for me and my mate. Its a 2 bed and I have it for Thursday-Monday there maybe bed or floor space but if your interested please contact me for more info so we can discuss it. You can reach me at 850-582-2138 feel free to text or call. =^_^=

Sounds good. i guess i'll take the bed. so whats the room share price?

My phone is going through upgrades, can we talk via comments?
So what's the room share price?