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megaplex 2017 Thursday bowling

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Megaplex 2017 will have the Thursday bowling this year?

I don't know if they will, however I do have a question of my own on this. What exactly is this bowling event? and do you have to have a fursuit to join it?

Hi guys!

Blitzen here - as of right now, we do not have a Thursday evening bowling event planned. In the past, we've been able to work with a local alley to organize one, but with the move to the new hotel near SeaWorld, the closest alley is quite a distance away. Unless things change in the coming months, there won't be a Thursday evening bowling event for Megaplex.

However, stay tuned to the website as we may have other events being planned to replace it. Take care!


Thanks for answering my question. It was exactly what i needed to know. I guess I'll keep my booked room for Thursday-Monday unless i find out that nothing is happening on Thursday. Thanks bunches^^

Hey, just to properly answer your question. In past years when the bowling would take place it would be for anyone and everyone that has pre-Registered for the convention and showing up at the hotel on Thursday instead of Friday. It is not just for Fursuiters but i have seen people fursuit at the bowling ally's before. I hope this has helped answer your question. =^_^=

Thank you very much for the reply, it more than answered my question ^_^. I hope in the coming years when there is one again that I can go >.<