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Room space available in main hotel, King suite. Fri-Mon

Arriving (most likely late) Friday and leaving Monday. King suite in the main hotel. Party room, up late but working as a dealer so not ridiculously late.

Have one potential but not confirmed roommate. Looking for at least one more, hopefully 2, though since the King suites have less beds you may want to bring an air mattress if you have one.

There is a not insignificant potential that I will be unable to make it to the con. Since I won't know until the very last moment and it would be too late to cancel the room anyway, I'll still pay my room share and I can transfer the reservation to someone else if I have to (hotel said it's fine)

References from previous roommates would be preferred.


Email megawolf (att) bellsouth (dawt) net or DM @XaneWolf on Twitter (DMs open, don't need to follow)

Still have space available. Had several people back out and the last one is still "maybe".

i need a room my other options still up in the air and undecided text me the info 813 579 0572

Still have room. Remember, it doesn't matter if I go or not, I'll still pay whatever my share of the room is, though I would ask that you try to find someone else to stay first. Thanks!

Had people pull out, 2 spots open again

STILL trying to find at least 1 more roommate. Read first post for info, MUST BE OVER 21.

need one more person?