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Anybody need a room?

Currently I am staying by myself at the Hampton Inns and suites located at 4971 Calypso Cay Way and have decided to open the room up for 1 or 2 people. This means I will have my own bed and you and your friend will have your own bed. I don't want to open it up to more people than that. I will be arriving Friday around 9pm and leaving Sunday around check out time.
The total cost of the room on my own is 268.94 so divided in half would be 134.47. I am fairly chill guy but have a couple rules.

1. Pay up front at the hotel.
2. Don't steal my stuff
3. Don't destroy the room
4. No random room parties without talking to me first.
5. If you do drugs, (this includes marijuana) don't tell me and do them somewhere else.
6. Be hygienic (shower and have clean clothes) my biggest pet peeve is when someone smells horrible all the time.

Other than that I am easy going and may share a drink or few with you, if of legal age.
If you are interested you can reply here or just contact me directly on telegram with the user name of @Torgi.

I need a room for Friday and Saturday night only.