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Space Available in Main Hotel 4th-8th AUG (XV)

Hey everyone! It's been a long-time coming, but FriendlyFox is coming to Megaplex this year! I reserved a room at the main hotel and have one other confirmed roommate. I have at least one space (maybe two!) available from Thursday August 4th to Monday August 8th in the main hotel.

This will be a fursuit-friendly room. The temperature will mostly be set between 66F and 69F. I'm a fursuiter myself and might require assistance from you with putting my handpaws on. It will also be a quiet room to retire from the con activities, sleep, or otherwise talk. Guests are permitted in limited numbers (please be sensible, no parties in this room!).

I plan on arriving by 6pm on Thursday, and leaving in the early afternoon on Monday.

The cost is $150US, payable either by cash on the first night of your stay or PayPal in advance (as soon as you can would be much appreciated!)
Feel free to contact me here on the forums, on FA (foxfan1992), on twitter (FriendlyTheFox), or by email at (foxfan1992(at)


One space is filled, one more remains! (The room is a suite with two rooms, and a bed in each room. One bedspace remains). Email is the fastest way to get in touch with me - alternatively twitter or FA will suffice too. I'll also check here on the forums, but don't rely on the forum to reserve the space, please.


This room is now full. Thank you all for your interest.

Hey again everyone! Because one of my roommates is not responding to messages, I have decided to open up another space for you! Bedspace is for offer, 150USD Paypal (33% or $50 in advance much appreciated if you're not comfortable doing it all by PayPal) in the main hotel (Embassy Suites LBV-South) and if the non-responding roommate does attend they will sleep on the floor, and a small refund ($30) will be issued to everyone in this case.

Paypal (and email contact) is foxfan1992[at]

Just another update, this room space is still open as the previously mentioned person cannot attend (he had trouble with his internet and couldn't tell me due to this). As mentioned above, this is bed space - open to anyone so long as you are clean and respectful of others' space and property. Minimum payment to secure your room space is $50USD, though I'd much appreciate full-payment in advance if you can! Please message me first though so I don't have to feel guilty and send you your money back because the space is already taken by someone else, okay? *giggle*

Email (and PayPal) is foxfan1992(at)

Text (starting August 4th at 11am Eastern Time) - 425-435-6001