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Skunk looking for room Thursday to Monday

Howdy from Canada!

Boy been busy with life and been trying to work in Megaplex into my life. Anyhow my travel plans are not yet confirmed until July 19 so I am just seeing if a room is available to plan for? Thursday to Monday. Non smoker and fursuiter! Looking for a guy who does not mind a chubby skunk, but never a drunk skunk!

Find me on Facebook as Bungeeskunk. I'll pay up front as well.

hey there ryku here i have some spots for the main con hotel in my room. im going to be getting there july 1st but will be checking in the con hotel on thursday and leaving monday. if u need a spot i am charging $160 usd.

Hey, I've got bed space at the main hotel available Thursday to Monday, asking $150 for the weekend. Telegram is @Keeyakanze or you can email me at if you're interested :)

Hi there! Dunno if you're still looking for roomspace, but me and Yama bunny still have space in our room. We're fursuiters as well, and non-smokers. You can hit me up on Telegram @GlacierPaws or Skype: GlacierPaws