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Artist seeking room for all 4 nights

I'm an artist looking for a quiet room to sleep and work in. Arriving Thursday, leaving on Monday. I am a low-drama cat who doesn't drink, smoke or party. I also promise not to reek up the room with vapes. (not allowed in hotel rooms anyway - vaping will set off smoke alarms!)
I have space in the dealer room and will need to sleep overnight so I can function during business hours. I am respectful of other people and their belongings. Will need bedspace (bad knee, picky spine)
Will be bringing lots of artwork and anime if anyone wants to eyeball some fun stuff.
I am fine sharing with males or females, but no kids please.

Please email me at YoroidenGi at
or message me here.


ryku elcar here i met u at fwa in 2015 bought alot of stuff from ya. i will be getting there july 31st but will have main con hotel room from thursday and checking out monday. its a 160 for the spot. message me and let me know if interested. u can email me at if need to contact me or on skype at jeremy421c.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me. I did find a nice spot to stay, so I am no longer looking.
*scritches* to everyfur Bushy