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Looking for roomie

Hello all. I'm planning on going to the con this year. I have a room already booked for Fri-Mon at the Hampton Inn suggested by this site. It has 2 queen beds. I'm looking for a roomate to split the cost. The total cost was $342 for the stay so split it would be $171 per person. I'm quiet and generally keep to myself. If anyones interested let me know, thanks.

Hi, if you haven't found a roommate, I'd love to volunteer. I really want Megaplex to be the first convention I go to but unfortunately don't have the money to room by my self for the weekend. I don't even mind having to sleep on the floor or the couch if another person wanted to room too.

If your willing to pay half the price I don't mind having a roomate. The room has 2 beds so it would be nice to split the cost. If your interested what's your contact information?

Do you want my email or do you have an account on F4L?

Starsinmyeyes (Astella) F4L
If neither works then I could try and contact you.

I don't get cell signal where I live or I'd off my cell number.

I dunno what F4L is but I will send you an email and we will work something out.