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need a place to sleep or willing to group together to get a room

This is my first year going to megaplex and i need a place to stay. I am hoping to fly in on Thursday and return Monday. If anyone knows of people still needing a roommate or if there are other people who need rooms and want to go in on a room at one of the aux hotels please let me know. A little about myself so that i don't seem creepy. I am 24 years old and i work nights so i am a bit of a night owl. I don't smoke and I don't drink all that much. I like to think I am a friendly person.

Hello there PuppycowLiz

As of now I have 3-4 people in my room. It is myself, my girlfriend, a friend, and possibly another. We may be open to adding another person to the room.

You can message me on telegram @mrpandapancake