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Filming at Megaplex?

My brother and I are really looking forward to Megaplex this year! It will be our first furry convention we attend. I was just curious about your policies regarding filming inside the con. We plan on bringing a video camera to film the fun shenanigans that happen within and edit a video with the combined footage. Do we need special permission to film certain areas ?(Panels, Vendor area, Lounge area, Ice cream social, etc). I'd just like to know as much detail as possible before we bring any sort of gear along. Thank you and we can't wait to see you all there!

TONS of people record at conventions, it is very common. There are a few 'rules' usually.
1. You DO NOT record or photograph in headless lounges, even if its of you and your friends.
2. At panels ask the host.
3. If you record after dark panels try not to upload anything that would give furries a bad light.
4. Recording in open spaces, fursuit games, and at the dances are perfectly fine.
5. If you have a fancy camera rig you may need to show it to security so you can get their approval.