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I need a room to stay at NOW!!!!!!

Is there anybody who would be willing to invite one more person into their hotel room? I need a place to stay for the weekend. It felt good to sleep over at Megaplex 2015 and it would be cool to do it again. I would be kind enough to split the room costs with you! Please reply back as soon as possible. Megaplex 2016 is three months away and I'm not going to miss it, and I'm not going to drive all that way to the hotel -- home back and forth all weekend. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, There's a chance a couple furs in our group may have to cancel, so some space would be open. We'll be staying at one of the overflows from Thursday-Sunday. If you're interested you can contact me through telegram under MattiBear, or Skype at LockerJam to discuss more details.