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Badge/Reg Question

Hi, I was really curious as to what I need to do in order to receive my badges at the front desk. I registered with a credit card, and I got the credit card from walmart, they had never sent me the one with my name on it BUT the credit card I currently have and ordered with doesn't expire until 6/18. And for ID, I'm wondering if my school ID would be okay; Considering I'm a minor. Also, I have my mother with me too. She is also on my order number along with a t-shirt. But all the information is under my phone (moblie), my name, and my credit card. I was just curious, thank you so much for anyone who reads this!

Also I should state i'm minor, and when I ordered I was 13+, and still am the same age. I'm not over 16 though, So I don't have a drivers license for any type of ID in that matter I could show- Also my school ID has a picture of me and my name, so I'm hoping that would be okay.