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Shuttle services.

Just curious. When exactly does the shuttle service start for the mco airport? And where do i look for it?

Same for the bowling event. Are there times it operates or is it a wait till the end of the bowling event?

Sorry for the simple question. Never done shuttle stuff so just a tad bit confused here >.<

I downloaded the shuttle service document from the Marriott Orlando Airport site after making my reservation. You should be able to find the appropriate link there, too. (I just checked. The "Maps & Transportation" link still works, and will lead you to another link for the Airport Shuttle document.) I can't help you with the bowling event shuttle. I believe that it's a new feature this year.

The shuttle schedule for the hotel would be on their site or you can call them and get an idea of time dream. As for the bowling shuttle, that is new this year so that schedule will be either setup at reg that night or posted publicly as we get closer to time

Hi! For the bowling event, the bus will run between the hotel and the bowling alley from 8:30 pm until 2:30 am. I'm not sure how quickly it will be able to make a round trip - could be around 30 minutes. We'll have more bowling alley bus information at the info desk near registration at the con on Thursday. :)